Holding Still at Sarah Scout Presents
May 27

Holding Still at Sarah Scout Presents

  • Sarah Scout Presents

I'm excited to be exhibiting my Master of Fine Art work at Sarah Scout Presents alongside Anna Finlayson's exhibition Extension. The exhibition opens 21st April and continues until 27th of May.

Unplugged Live at NGV Australia
2:00 pm14:00

Unplugged Live at NGV Australia

Come along and hear myself being interviewed by Jae Jeffer as part of NGV’s ‘Unplugged program’ at 2pm on Sunday 19th June on level 2 NGV Australia. We will be seated in the same space as two works I have hanging as part of the NGV’s collection exhibition. Julia Jacklin will follow with some beautiful tunes and, no doubt, insightful words into how she goes about creating her soulful songs.

Jun 2


Climarte has commissioned 11 artists to design posters that engage the community on climate change action and convey the strength, optimism and urgency we need to move to a clean renewable energy future.

Artists: Angela Brennan, Chris Bond, Jon Campbell, Kate Daw, Katherine Hattam, Siri Hayes, Martin King, Gabrielle de Vietri & Will Foster, Thornton Walker, Miles Howard-Wilks.

During April-May hundreds of A0 posters wil printed and displayed on poster sites around Melbourne.

A Crafted History at Art Space at REALM
Jan 10

A Crafted History at Art Space at REALM

Maroondah City Council commissioned 5 artists to make new work that engaged with local communities. I worked with the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School students, staff and community to produce 4 weavings using botanically dyed wool and yarn.

Artists: Penelope Aitken, Anna Farago, Siri Hayes, Elvis Richardson, Sophia Xeros-Constantinides


Maroondah Handicrafts Inc, Dr Graeme Lorimer and the Friends of Bungalook Creek, new mothers from across Maroondah, The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and various members of the broader Maroondah community.

 A Crafted History is the inaugural exhibition for this new art space

Collect with us: CCP limited edition fundraiser
Sep 30

Collect with us: CCP limited edition fundraiser

I have donated work to one of my favourite photography galleries. Please come along and support the Centre for Contemporary Photography by collecting some great photos that will be available.

404 George Street
Vic 3065

T +61 3 9417 1549
E info@ccp.org.au
W www.ccp.org.au

Osage orange dyeing and weaving workshop
May 19

Osage orange dyeing and weaving workshop

I will be running a natural dyeing workshop at Heide Museum of Modern Art. We have decided to also instruct participants on how to produce a circular weaving. For more information call please call (03) 9850 1500 or visit www.heide.com.au


Heide Museum of Modern Art
Jul 28

Heide Museum of Modern Art

In this new project I have responded to the Heide gardens to produce work for the Heide III: Kerry Gardner and Andrew Myer Project Gallery. I have hand dyed fleece with plants from the gardens to make a shag pile rug, become entangled with my creative self and have made my first venture into wall-sized photographic imagery amongst other elements for this exhibition.

I will be talking with Heide curator Linda Short at 2pm on Saturday 23rd of March about the project.

Northern lights 1st March – 5th of May at Bundoora Homestead. A work from the Lyric theatre series is on exhibition at Bundoora Homestead. The exhibition links a group of respected women artists living and working in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Siri goes camping!
Feb 26

Siri goes camping!

Negotiating this world: Contemporary Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria  runs till the 25th of February 2013. It includes Paper bag lovers from the en plein air series.

A number of works from across various series are being exhibited in A curious nature – the landscape as theatre in contemporary photography and new media at Geelong Gallery. It runs until 10 of February 2013. Other artists in the exhibition include: Polixeni Papapetrou, Christian Thompson, Jacqui Stockdale, Gabriella and Silvana Mangano and Kate Bernauer.

Threaded leaves from the All you knit is love series on exhibition at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery as a part of the Message in a bottle project on until the 17th of February 2013. The project involved working with the grade 3 and 4 students at Crib Point Primary School and Perseverance Primary School. They made photographs of ‘treasure’ they found round the school. They then embroidered a map of the school and an ‘x’ where they found their treasure on the map. There were many good results!

New exhibition, upcoming project, work purchased by NGA
May 28

New exhibition, upcoming project, work purchased by NGA

All you knit is love is a large collection of work created as a result of living in Spain for three months, during an Australia Council funded residency in Barcelona in 2010-11.The work is on exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography from 13 April – 27 March 2012.

Homespun coat is a project being created for exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art in 2013.

The last available print in the Plein air explorers edition was recently purchased by the National Gallery of Australia.